my winter vacation

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作文567网收录“my winter vacation”,原文标题My winter vacation英语作文,正文部分内容Mywintervacation英语作文导语:写作文的时候,确定作文的’中心很关键,一篇作文一定要有一个明确、有意义的中心,写的内容始终要围绕着你确定的这个中心去写…下面随小编一起来看下“my winter vacation”吧。

My winter vacation英语作文

导语:写作文的时候,确定作文的'中心很关键,一篇作文一定要有一个明确、有意义的中心,写的内容始终要围绕着你确定的这个中心去写,不要写散。接下来小编整理了My winter vacation英语作文,文章希望大家喜欢!

My winter vacation英语作文第一篇:

Winter vacation is coming, so I have a winter vacation plan now. I am going to spend lots of time of my vacation on sports this year. Playing basketball is always my favorite, so some of my classmates and I will form a small team and play basketball together.

Sometimes we will have a match against some other teams. I will enjoy the sense when we win the game. Of course, I will spend lots of time on doing my homework. It’s important for me to do my lessons well.

If I still have enough time, I am going to visit Beijing City, and visiting Beijing is my dream from childhood to now. Oh, what a great vacation!

My winter vacation英语作文第二篇:

The winter vacation is not so far from us.

There are lots of thing I have done while this vacation. For one thing ,I have my lessons reviewed ,in order to improve the qulity of study.

For the other thing, I wish I would be better after hard working with my first, I must correct all my final examination paper. Secondly,I insist on reading English books and newspapers every day. I also keep on oral practice.

In my spare time, I will take an active part in activities. I can gain the first hand information through the activities which can help me to extend my knowledge.

Im sure this vacation will be the best one for me. Let me try!

My winter vacation英语作文第三篇:

In winter holiday, usually I stayed at home and did my school work. Sometimes I help my mother do some housework or watching TV.

One day, I went to see my friend and we play the computer games together. My friends mom is very kindly and gave me many sweets and chocolates. Later we palyed the cards and laughted all the time .

In the new year, I wish everybody have a good health and our school more and more beautiful.

Best wishes to all of my friends!

My winter vacation英语作文第四篇:

I really had a happy winter vacation. I was busy with my homework and helped my parents with the housework every day. Sometimes I visited my friends and played table tennis with them. I also visited my grandparents and stayed with them for three days.

I helped my grandparents do some cleaning and washing every day. We also climbed the mountains and had a great time together. I read books, surfed the internet and listened to music every evening. I also learned how to cook delicious food and how to ski well.

The most interesting thing was that I went skiing with my parents three times during my winter vacation and we really enjoyed ourselves very much. So I really had a meaningful winter holiday.

My winter vacation英语作文第五篇:

I always believe that, as a college student, we are expected to make full use of the winter vacation. It is a good time to participate in social activities. Therefore, I made up my mind to get involved in voluntary work and devote myself to community service.

Originally, I was arranged to visit The Home For The Elderly in our community with others. Since it’s the first time for me to take good care of the strangers, I prepared a lot in advance. Then, I started my brand-new experience.

Upon our arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the elderly who were sitting in the yard and bathed in the sunlight. With pleasure, we chatted quite a few fresh stories hap pened in our young life and many unforgettable experience in their past time. I deeply realized that, one day, I would become one of them with sparse hair and deep wrinkles. At that time, I wouldn’t depend on myself totally and I might long for others’ care to some extent. When I have to be confronted with the fact which will inevitable happen in the future, I would like to spare some time to take care of the elderly to make contributions to myself and society at present .

When it was time for us to leave, they said, it was a rather nice day and thanked for our kindness. As for me, I obtained a lot about this great experience. “Thank you for your lesson.”


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